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3 Ways To Take Back Your Life

March 12, 2019

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Remember what it was like to be a kid and walk into the day with a towel tied around your shoulders like a cape and 110% convinced that anything was truly possible?  Playing with your friends envisioning how fabulous it would be to grow up and talking smack about how you would never ask your kids to do dishes or fold laundry or *gasp* pick up their room.

Then one day, for no good reason, you wake up a 30 something year old with a husband, a couple of kids, a job you have to have to feed these people, and a slew of other responsibilities you didn’t entirely understand until it was suddenly your life.  Somewhere between the kid snot on your shoulder from daycare drop off and working a life sucking 9 to 5 you realize that life just happened to you.

I remember sitting at my desk 5 years ago almost in tears because I couldn’t stand another minute of a job that depleted me.  I’m convinced that job is why I hate talking on the phone.  You guys.  The biggest part of my job included calling a man to review my work over the phone and many times he put me on speaker phone so everyone in his office could listen in and judge my presentation.  My stomach always felt like it was in my throat and my anxiety would be through the roof because at any moment he would belittle me in a furious tangent and make me redo the whole thing so I had to call him back to present it all over again.  And if there were a room full of people, then they got to hear the whole thing go down.

Ladies, I felt stuck.  I do not have a college degree although I am fairly close to having an associates in accounting (B O R I N G) and I took a couple of years to pursue a degree in deaf education, which I loved but those core classes though (B O R I N G).  So I did what every entrepreneurial spirited woman does and I began to read and take online courses learning about things I love- business building, marketing, social media, website design, photography, and all things motivation.

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I learned quickly to research who’s business philosophy you want to follow, because not all are even ethical at best: never undercut someone to make a quick buck. Some folks are just a bunch of fluff with no actual substance: success doesn’t happen overnight.  And then there are the golden few who share your same heart and core beliefs: be nice and love others.

This leads me to the reason for this post.  I can see you trying your hardest just to get through the days, counting the hours until the weekend, and wishing you could go back and tell your younger self to follow her heart and pursue her flavor of happy.  Sister, I have done all of those things.  I used to keep a counter on my computer that literally counted the days, hours, and minutes until the weekend.  Talk about life happening to you instead of living your life.  Also, there is no better time to share these 3 ways to take back your life than today- a cold, icky Monday.  Or whatever day you chose to read this.  But today you are going to start a new journey to take back what is yours and no one else’s… Your life.

1) Take an hour a day.
I don’t care if it is before everyone gets up or after everyone goes to bed, but it needs to be spent on you!  This hour needs to be spent either meditating, goal setting, goal monitoring, learning, or actually working toward your goal.  I prefer mornings because it sets the tone for my day.  I am not a night owl and if I did my work at night I would never go to sleep.  Those wheels would spin all. night. long.

2) Learn something new.
There is basically a book for just about anything you would ever want to learn.  The internet is FULL of information (although, be careful of your sources).  Take a class in something you are interested in, like cooking, sewing, photography (I have one coming up on March 30th!), calligraphy, essential oils, yoga, painting, wine making… there is so much out there.  My goal starting in April is to set a girl’s night out where we go and do one of these things together.  Being working moms, we let friendships get away from us and this is the best reason to keep those special people close.

3) Claim your happiness.
This is probably the hardest of all.  As women, we are conditioned to take care of everyone else and that is our job.  What a load of s-_-!  Yes, I love my husband and my kids and I love taking care of them.  But that is only a part of me.  There is this other part of me who loves to work, who loves to grow, who loves to pursue something for me and for my family, and who literally gets excited at growing a business and doing it on my own.  Sean cannot do any of those things for me.  My kids cannot do any of those things for me.  I am the only person who can create the kind of happiness in my life that fulfills me in those areas.

These things have helped me grow into a career I love.  Sister, you are the only person who can fulfill those parts of yourself, too.  You need to find out what it is that fills you with joy and pursue it.  You only have this one life to live and, Sis, you don’t want to leave this world with the regret that you let life happen to you.


If you are interested in my photography class on March 30th, simply email me at with the subject line “Photography 101.” You don’t have to write me anything else unless you just want to. 🙂

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