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I love kind people, real laughs, genuine love, fresh air, and the kind of dream clients way ahead of me when it comes to going on an adventure. If you're into photos that feel as real as you are, or to learn how to capture them yourself, and you'd like to make a new mom friend in the process, keep scrolling, I can't wait to meet you. 

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It has been almost 6 years since I began this journey.  Along the way I have made some long lasting friendships, worked my butt off learning and growing, hit a few bumps and fell in a few ditches, and have had some major high moments.  I have learned what I love to do vs what […]

It isn’t very often that East Tennessee gets to experience an ice storm that shuts down most of the surrounding counties for a full week, but when it happens…  So does an impromptu ice storm session!  All day I had been thinking of how gorgeous the light was the evening before at sunset.  The golden […]

While vacationing in sunny Florida, Hannah never expected to find the love of her life, but that’s just what happened when her eyes first met Juliano’s from across the room of a restaurant.  Love at first sight at it’s finest and a story as whimsical as their love for each other.  I’m excited to tell their […]

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