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I love kind people, real laughs, genuine love, fresh air, and the kind of dream clients way ahead of me when it comes to going on an adventure. If you're into photos that feel as real as you are, or to learn how to capture them yourself, and you'd like to make a new mom friend in the process, keep scrolling, I can't wait to meet you. 

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You know that happy feeling you get when you look through a shoe box of pictures???  That is me every time I look through Amanda and Billy’s wedding images (And no shoe box for these. I want these on a wall. A very big wall!!!). They seriously melt my heart and make me feel like […]

I cannot say how much I loved Amanda and Billy’s wedding day.  They were sooooooooo exceptionally sweet and endearing to each other – just melts my heart to witness that kind of love!!!!!!   God was definitely a big part of their wedding day and filling everyone with joy!  Enjoy part 1 and be on […]

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like you had made a new best friend?  This is exactly how I felt when I met Lauren for our consultation.  Her wedding notebook (was freaking awesome!) included all of these details that were so pretty.  Her colors.. my favorite colors..  It was just…. everything.   Seriously […]

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