West Knoxville Farm Style Home

This recently remodeled West Knoxville Farm Style home has a Fixer Upper style with a modern flare. This project, completed by Jeff Henson, General Contractor, included new flooring, removal of the wall between the kitchen and the dining room allowing for a complete kitchen renovation and an open concept first level, custom built cabinets, bathroom addition, and a master bath overhaul.

Attention to detail is what sets Jeff Henson apart from other contractors in the Greater Knoxville Area. He and his crew work tirelessly to make sure that your house is the home you always dreamed of. Not only that, but their reputation among peers is exactly what every realtor and home owner desire – they do what they say and as efficiently as possible – making them one of Knoxville’s best contractors.  I believe you will find that this is one of Knoxville’s most beautiful homes.


To get started on remodeling your next home, you can reach Jeff at 865-207-3970.

If you are interested in having your home featured or need photos for your next listing, simply click on ‘contact’ on the menu to the left.


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There’s something different around here…

For well over a year now I have struggled with making this decision, but in the last couple of months I have really felt peace about what I’m getting ready to tell you.

Rocky Mountain National Park

You see.  Sometimes parts of your life are only seasons and seasons only last for a time.  My time as a wedding and family photographer has come and gone.  While there are so many of my clients that I love and adore with a furious passion, photography began to take over my life and taking me places far away from my family for many, many hours.  And then when I returned home, I was still away from them for many, many hours.  After crunching numbers a few times, I noticed that on some of my jobs, I made less per hour than if I worked at a fast food restaurant.  Ouch.

And then I began to do some work with my husband and a company he works with photographing and videoing homes they have restored.  I fell in love!  Not only did I get to use my passion, but I got to spend that extra time with someone I loved.  That passion spurred me to work alongside a couple of realtors.  And then I got to spend extra time with friends!  It was like two passions colliding and I felt at home.

I also love teaching!  Seeing how these next few classes go, that may become a permanent fixture here at Jenn Brown Photo.  You never know!

What exactly am I doing now?  So glad you asked!  I am offering real estate and commercial photography to the greater Knoxville area.  So if you are a realtor and we have never worked together, let’s change that!  If you are a creative business owner and need images to curate your story for your website/blog/social media, let’s get to planning!

Don’t get me wrong, I will miss some of the most beautiful parts of photographing a wedding and family sessions, but I know so many people who will take care of you (and I may still do a few family mini sessions here and there, too)!  So if you have a cocktail in your hand – hey, it’s five o’clock somewhere! – then raise your glass and lets toast to new adventures!

With all my love,


PS – Today I read a quote that said, “If it costs you your peace it’s too expensive.”  Don’t let something that stresses you out and causes more headaches than happiness.  Prune those things from your life and work on things that empower and excite you!

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Photography Workshop Announcement!

It’s been a little bit since I posted the quick question of if anyone would be interested in a photography workshop for beginners and was surprised at how many other moms
were interested in learning more about their cameras.  Several of you had also voiced interest in dabbling in the business side of things.  How exciting!

So I started working on a plan for all of these entrepreneurial spirited mommas and decided to come up with three (3!!!) different classes, because ladies… we have our work cut out for us!
Of course they are offered in order of how you should start your business – learning your craft, start a marketing plan, and build a website that sparks interest and SEO tips for your business.

Schedule those babysitters, buy a notebook and pen, and get ready to learn about the fun and business sides of photography.
I’m so excited to offer these and can’t wait to see you all soon!

** Not a photographer, but are curious about one of the classes for your business?  You are welcome as well! **

****  Spots are limited at this time.  Purchase your tickets ASAP to ensure you have a seat! ****


Mom’s 101 Photography Class


Building Your Dream Site

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