3 reasons your house isn’t showing

For the sell it yourselfer::


While I’m not a real estate agent, I’ve been in this business long enough (Sean remodels homes to sell for a living and I take pictures of them) to know a thing or two (or three!) of why your house isn’t showing.  I mean, we both know that your house is a steal, but the inquiries are crickets.   Let’s get that house sold!


Your listing is lacking character.

You,my friend, know all the lovely details and features of your home like the back of your hand.  Tell it’s story!!!  I’m not saying write a novel, but if you want your buyer to see themselves living in your home, you are going to need to paint a gorgeous picture of them LIVING in your home.


“The living room is painted a lovely shade of ivory letting your new lake view pop into the room with it’s vibrant colors.”

“Can lighting was thoughtfully installed in the kitchen to create an even flow of light.
Not only does it accent your backsplash beautifully, but cooking those delicious favorites
your family loves is much easier with the proper lighting.”

For the love of clutter.

People have a hard time seeing through clutter.  Yes, I know it doesn’t come with the house… most times, but all of that clutter and personal belongings makes it hard for the buyer to see themselves and not you living in your house.  Take every thing in your home that is not 100% necessary and either throw it away, donate it, or put it in storage somewhere.  And then clean and show off those gorgeous parts of your home that even you almost forgot was there.  This does a couple of things for you – 1) Helps your moving process! 2) Makes your home appear larger.

Your photos.

Yes, I’m going there.  Your photos tell the story of your house better than any words you can write.  If your photos look cheap and icky, buyers are going to have that immediate feeling of your home.  If you aren’t a good photographer, then hire a real estate photographer that can capture your home’s beauty.  If you are doing your photos yourself, please, please, I’m begging you PLEASE do not bump the saturation up to crazy not real levels.  If your sky looks a shade of blue that you would never see in person, then the buyers will think other photos are doctored and this is just as bad as cheap, icky, crappy pictures.  Keep your colors and tones to real life.


For the month of August I am offering a few specials for real estate photography.
I would love to help  you sell your house by taking pictures of your home or listing!

Mini Home Tour
10 images
(2 outside images, 8 inside images)


Complete Home Tour
up to 30 images
-outside images that show off features of your home and yard
-photos of desired rooms and/or special details (tile, wood floors, cabinetry, etc…)



Complete Home Tour with Video
up to 30 images
-outside images that show off features of your home and yard
-photos of desired rooms and/or special details (tile, wood floors, cabinetry, etc…)
-a short video of the home to evoke emotion and provide media to other avenues of advertising


*Prices based on homes 3500 sqft and smaller

Email me at jennifer@jennbrownphoto.com to set up your session!

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