Norris Dam State Park :: Wyrick Family

It is crazy to do a blog post on Sunday, BUT I have a really good reason… That you will find out soon.  Such a cliff hanger, I know.  😉

In light of that post coming out soon, I wanted to share this session of the Wyrick family.  They needed their own day to shine on the blog and today seemed just as good as any other day.

I adored the color palate that Angie picked out for her crew to wear!  PERFECT for the end of summer/beginning of fall!!!


This is one of my favorite brother/sister shots I have EVER taken.  Love, love, LOVE!!!



These next few by the river are magical.


Adding your pup to the session is a wonderful way to make memories that last a life time!  Ruger was precious!

knoxville_photographer_0001knoxville_photographer_0004I try not to talk about light like it is a food that you would consume, but I would liken this light to butter pecan ice cream.  YUM!!!
Can East Tennessee BE any more beautiful?!


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