For Molly

I am not sure what to write. My heart is broken and I can barely go a few minutes without crying. Even though it has only been a few hours since Molly passed, I feel as if these hours have been years.

I rescued Molly from the animal shelter in February of 2005. She helped me get ready in the morning, kept my feet cozy warm while editing, and ate chicken scraps as I would cook. She loved belly rubs, almonds and cheese, and my boys. Well…  maybe she tolorated the boys. 🙂  She was scared of thunder and rain and would shake in fear. And at one time she could jump from uphill OVER the dually wheel and into the bed of Sean’s truck in one leap.

I do not see that there could ever be a dog like Molly. She was our baby girl, sweet and spoiled rotten. Truly one of a kind.

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