What being a boy mom really looks like

It had been a long while since we have had any rain when a little shower hit our house yesterday evening.  I was relieved that I had finished my walk before the pouring began and was happy to be enjoying the soft sound of the rain with Sean and the boys.  Currently we are trying to potty train Jace so I had just put his evening underwear on him.  Not hardcore potty training, but with some positive reinforcement (treats) and a little “please don’t poo in the floor again!” begging.  Yes, that happened.  Good times.

I asked Jace, “Why don’t you go out and play in the rain?”  But.. he wasn’t buying it.  He disappeared to find Wade, and Sean and I began our nightly discussion about what we would have for supper that night.  We started to go downstairs to take the kittens outside (Have I told you we have kittens?  Yes.  We have two, Tink and Sky.  Because we are crazy.) when all of a sudden Jace appears in the laundry room with mud splattered all over him.  I think it was at this moment my heart stopped.


We continued downstairs and found little hand marks on the door where he had just walked in.  I walked outside, bypassing the two kittens, turned the corner, and then went white as a ghost.  There was Wade.  Covered in head to toe mud.  Yes, head.  He had taken mud and rubbed, slapped, smeared, smushed, thrown in his hair.  It was everywhere.

They had stripped down to their underwear (thank you, Jesus!!!!) and taken a small trash can to fill with water from the down pour and made a mud bath.  I’m not sure I have ever seen so much mud and had to look at Sean to make sure this was really happening in real life.


Oh and it is in Jay’s hair, too!  Sigh…


I guess if you think hard for the benefits of playing in mud you would decide first that, yes, these are boys.  God made dirt, dirt don’t hurt. And many women pay a lot of money at a spa for a mud bath.  Plus, they had fun…  until they were hosed down.  Ha!!!



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