Aiden and Tucker

There is something about the early morning that gives the day a feeling of hope for things you will get to do that day.  I love mornings!  Okay, okay.. I’m not the best at getting up super early, but sleeping until 8 am makes me feel that I’ve missed most of the morning.  It has been a while since I’ve done a morning session mostly because I feel that when the grass is wet from the morning dew, it feels yucky and no one enjoys yucky.  Well..  except maybe a little boy and his dog. 😉


I don’t know where you are reading from but if you are from the south like I am, then you know that even at 9 am the humidity is at extremely gross levels in August.  It is during this time of the year that you go from dewy grass to crunchy grass in this little 15 minute time frame when the sun casts out those sizzling rays.


Tucker, the Golden Retriever, doesn’t seem to mind the dewy grass so we can stay in the shade just a bit longer.  Look at that smile!


Can you believe this pup is only 9 months old?!  Look at how big those paws are!


This might be my favorite photo of these two.  I swear that dog is smiling!

JennBrownPhoto_0008 JennBrownPhoto_0009 JennBrownPhoto_0010 JennBrownPhoto_0011 JennBrownPhoto_0012

Mr. Aiden is growing so fast!  I can’t believe how grown he looks already.

JennBrownPhoto_0013 JennBrownPhoto_0014

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