The Boy Mom Struggle

Walking through any department store kid section is almost maddening when trying to find decent clothes for a little boy.  Take that frustration and times it by 2 boys and you have a momma who daydreams of opening her own little shop for boys.  Is it that hard to not cover shirts with dump trucks, surf boards and footballs?!  Just a plain-jack (see what I did there 😉 ) t-shirt will do, you can gladly have the dinosaurs back.


It isn’t that those things aren’t cute.  I do buy them because the boys love them.  I’m just begging for a little more selection than the three racks we are given to shop from.  I know there can be more.  I see it when I gaze over the sea of little girl clothes racks.  All of the different trends for the girls to explore – princess, hipster, tom-boy, etc…  I’m so green with envy at all the choices there are.  Maybe my kid doesn’t like the fit of the skinny jean obsession and his dad isn’t all about the skater dude vibe.  Oh… and having the name “husky” on size labels?  That is fun explaining to your 8 year old who thinks you are making fun of him.


And while I’m on the topic of the boy mom struggle, I realize that I have done the same.  Most of the sessions I lean towards are little girl whimsy sessions.  I love playing dress up and maybe even more so because the little girl inside of me screams for Barbie pink dresses shimmering with glitter.  So I decided to open up an offering just for little boys.  As I was gathering ideas of the different session offerings, I was so excited because with school starting and fall right around the corner I was overflowing with ideas on how unique and fun this could be for your little munchkin!  Fishing, camping, a boy and his dog, etc…

If you want to be a part of the cool boy mom group..  Email me at or contact me above to receive early bird specials and info for these sessions!!!



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