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Its a horrible fact that I begged my sister to let me take pictures of Baby Sam and then was so swamped with work that I didn’t give them to her  until 2 MONTHS LATER.  Yes, I’m that bad sister.  If you are friends with me on Facebook or you saw my instagram post about overworking myself and saying yes to things that I should have been saying no to until I almost drove myself to insanity.  Things like taking care of my family and serving them fell by the wayside.  I became a disengaged mom and wife.  Being busy was the worst thing I could ever do to myself and my loved ones and I’m here to tell you that being busy doesn’t mean you are successful.  It means you have let other things cross your boundary lines and enter into your life like poison.

I lost myself.  I lost the vision I have for Jenn Brown Photo.  And I lost my passion.

The next couple of months, you will see much more personal posts, projects, and life musings.  I’m excited to be me.  I’m excited to get back to what I love.  I apologize to my little family for becoming so unbecoming.  I heart you hard.

Baby Sam!!!!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0001 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0002 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0003 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0004 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0005

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