Well, Hello November.

I love October.  It’s my baby’s birthday month and one of the busiest months of my year.  By the time November gets here I am in an ocean of photos editing as quickly as I can while still trying to be a wife and mom.  It’s a tough job that can be both draining and invigorating at the same time.   I know that makes no sense, but I’m sure some of my photographer friends will understand what I mean.

Oh November.  I have so much hope for this month.  So many things I want to accomplish and start and finish.  Many times I complete my Power Sheets by Lara Casey with the things on my heart that I want to start and complete, but this month I decided to share them here.  I’m not sure why because it isn’t anything grand and I’m terrified of being made fun of by my meager goals, but maybe there is someone out there who has these same goals, ideas, fears, or whatever else.  Maybe on the first Monday of November I can help someone else create something lovely with their own business.  THAT would be amazing and humbling.

  1. Finish editing two weddings I photographed
  2. Finish creating two wedding videos that I videoed
  3. Finish editing a senior session
  4. Finish editing an engagement session
  5. Shoot Fall minis and edit
  6. Shoot Christmas minis and edit
  7. Send a special gift out to a friend
  8. Hand write letters of encouragement
  9. Spend time with the Knoxville Pursuit ladies
  10. Take one day and do nothing but spend it with my family (not on Thanksgiving)
  11. Start writing down all of my ideas.  They tend to get lost in my head and I forget what that awesome thing was that I thought of.
  12. Start and finish Christmas shopping

I will add more as I go along.. but you get the idea.

But in the meantime here is another sweet peak of Sarah and Josh’s wedding.


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