Haley and Daniel’s Ridge Top Barn Wedding

This year has been full of country weddings and my southern little heart has had a BLAST being apart of them!  Haley and Daniel’s ridge top barn wedding in Russellville, TN was no exception.  I knew as soon as I pulled into the drive of their ceremony and reception location that their wedding was going to be gorgeous.

This barn sits right on top of a ridge in Russellville, TN.


Jenn_Brown_Photo_0002 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0003 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0004 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0005 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0006 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0007 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0008 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0009 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0010 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0011

Haley and Daniel opted for a private ceremony with just parents and grandparents.  I’ve been to many weddings and the intimacy of this wedding was incredibly sweet.  If you are thinking of eloping but having second thoughts because you want your immediate family to be in attendance, I highly suggest this!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0012 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0013 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0014 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0015 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0016 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0017 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0019 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0020

This sign is on point.



Jenn_Brown_Photo_0023 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0024

This picture.  Is. Everything!  Nancy (Haley’s mom) is so sweet and warm.  She made me feel like I was part of the family from the moment I got there.

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0025 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0026 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0027 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0028

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0029 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0030

Daniel’s mom reminded me so much of myself.  As a mom to two boys I could relate to her stories of how Daniel didn’t want to hug or kiss his momma in front of people, so instead he would give her this shoulder “bump.”  I loved how they had something that let each other know that they loved each other and were there for each other in their own secret language.  Well… not so secret now.  😉

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0031 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0032

My favorite detail picture!


Jenn_Brown_Photo_0033 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0034

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0035 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0036 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0037 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0038 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0039 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0040 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0041 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0042

Haley, you absolutely GLOW in this picture.


Even though they wanted a private ceremony, Haley and Daniel still wanted to celebrate with their friends and family!
So they arrived to their reception at the barn in style and surprised their guests.

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0047 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0048 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0049 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0050 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0051

And they partied as the sun went down.

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0052 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0053

The very best of warm and happy wishes to you two!


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