Kalei + Cody’s Greeneville TN Wedding

A few months ago I had a sweet email from a bride asking about availability for her wedding.  It was one of those emails that while I was responding to let her know that I was booked for her wedding already, I felt so sad to miss out because she seemed so incredibly sweet.  It wasn’t a consultation and a week later that her and her fiancé had decided to move their wedding date to a day that I was available so I could be there to document their special day.  I couldn’t be more honored to be there and wind and rain couldn’t stop us from enjoying their wedding day!



Jenn_Brown_Photo_0002 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0003 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0004 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0005 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0006 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0007 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0008 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0009 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0010 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0011 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0012 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0013 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0014 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0015

How adorable is this flower crown?!!!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0016 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0017

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0018 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0019 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0020

Catering by Rothchild.

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0024 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0025

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0026 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0027 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0028

The storm was fast approaching and wind was picking up, so the bride and groom opted to push their ceremony up to beat the rain.

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0030 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0031 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0032 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0033 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0034 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0035 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0036 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0037 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0038 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0039 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0040 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0041 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0042 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0043 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0044 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0045 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0046 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0047

Then the sprinkles started, but I love how intimate this makes their images!!!!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0048 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0049 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0050

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0051 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0052 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0053

As they “tied the knot” all I could think was, “a wet knot never comes undone.”

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0054 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0055 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0056 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0057 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0058 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0059 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0060 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0061 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0062

Kalei and Cody opted to see each other until the ceremony so after the first dance, we snuck out for the only couple shots we were able to get.

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0023 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0022

Still incredibly romantic!!!!


Jenn_Brown_Photo_0063 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0064 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0065 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0066 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0067 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0068 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0069 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0070 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0071

One of Kalei’s brothers scared me by peeping through the window at their condo during their engagement session.  This is another one of her brothers.  Too funny!!!!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0072 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0073 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0074 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0075 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0076 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0077

Something else we weren’t able to get right after the ceremony??  Family shots.  With the help of Tara and Greg with Music in Motion (One of the best entertainment dj teams in Knoxville!!!!!), we took time during the reception and made it happen.  Such a fun group of folks!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0078 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0079 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0080 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0081 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0082 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0083 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0084 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0085 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0086 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0087 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0088 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0089

Something else I LOVED about Kalei.. she decided to stuff her garter in her cleavage because it was uncomfortable to wear which made the garter toss one to remember!!!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0090 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0091 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0092 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0093 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0094 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0095

Now that all of that is done…


It’s time to PARTAYYY!!!!!

Jenn_Brown_Photo_0097 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0098 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0099 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0100 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0101 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0102 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0103
Jenn_Brown_Photo_0105 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0106 Jenn_Brown_Photo_0107


Special thanks to Cody and Kalei for letting me document their day!  Come hail or high water, we made it work!!!

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