What is Your Bridesmaid Dress Style?

Other than selecting your wedding dress, deciding on a style for your bridesmaids may be one of the biggest decisions you make designing your wedding.  Of course you still want to remain friends with them after the big day, so selecting something that makes them feel pretty as well as following the theme to your wedding can be a very fine line.  Here are a few ladies who have done it right.

1)  Navy is always a gorgeous color for a bridesmaid dress.  Not only is it a great neutral color, it looks good on every skin tone, too.


2) If you are looking to use the dresses as your pop of color, then this shade of pink is also another favorite of mine.


3) Another navy dress, but this time knee length and each bridesmaid was able to select the style that best complimented their body.


4) Not your typical bridesmaid dress.  We’ve all heard the, “Oh you can wear that another time, too!” line and know it isn’t true.  Until this wedding.


5) The unexpected.  Never would I ever thought that yellow with orange accents would work together.  I was wrong!  I love this happy summertime look!!


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