What I wish I would have done on my wedding day…

All brides have something that they would have changed or added to their wedding day.  It’s hard not to want something different because wedding trends change so much.  New venues pop up, music options are way better these days, and videography oh my!  BUT I know that your wedding day is one of a kind.  There may be similar elements, but each bride brings her own personality to the day and it fits her perfectly.

Today’s post is all about conversation from previous brides to share insight on their wedding day to current brides.  I encourage all Jenn Brown brides to speak up today!!!  I will be posting these questions all over social media, so be sure to chime in!  If you aren’t following me on other platforms, then hop on over and start!  You can find me at the links on the right. 🙂



1)  Would you do a first look if you could go back and have a re-do?  Why or why not?



2) What services would you have added to your wedding day if you had the chance?



3) What was your favorite moment of the day?



4) Would you get married in the fall, spring, summer, or winter?  Why?



5) Name 3 things you love most about the person you married.


I can’t wait to read your responses!  Stop back by tomorrow for my answers. 🙂

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