Weekend Warriors Unite!

If you are like me, then you are one heck of a busy person.  I’m that mom who still take her kids to sitter when she’s off of work because I have so much other work from my passion job I have to do.  Of course most of the time, because it is something that I am extremely passionate about, it hardly feels like work.  It’s more of a soul being released to create and inspire.  Where else can you work at your desk listening to rain and enjoying a glass of pink wine while scouring through hundreds of images of gorgeous brides and grooms on the happiest day of their life?!  Yep… pretty amazing!


I know you may feel tired from burning the candle at both ends.  I’ve been there.  I know you also may feel tired of people thinking you aren’t good enough because you haven’t made this a full time thing (yet!).  I’ve been there, too.  I can almost hear the judgment from other photographers when they find out that I work outside of photography.  However, I want to tell you a little secret that they may not know.  I did do photography as a full time job.  I got to stay home with my oldest and we spent a lot of great days together.  Those are some of the best and scariest times of my life.  Both Sean and I were self-employed folks and I grew feathers and decided that Wade needed to be around children his own age and that I needed to be able to provide GOOD health care.  If Sean did not enjoy his career and went to a 9-5’er, then I would have trucked right along, but he loves what he does and I will never stand in the way of that.

Want to know another secret?  I get so much more done now working 40+ hours a week elsewhere than I did when this was my full time “job.”  Oh yes.  You read that correctly.  I did not keep a good work schedule and I was still fumbling through how to make a passion a paid job.  In the name of paying bills, I took on sessions and weddings that were not good matches.  Then I procrastinated on working because I didn’t like what I was working on.  It was a dangerous slippery slop that caused brand confusion from clients and lots of headaches and tears from me.

Once I went back to work, I felt freedom.  Freedom because I was burnt out from working on weddings and sessions that didn’t fit and I no longer had to take on that stress.  I could work on my passion by only doing the things I LOVE and could begin to excel at it.  This takes away the procrastination and gives me the hunger to make the most of the time I do have to work on my photography career.  I am MORE efficient now than I was doing this full time.  I am busier now with bookings and weddings than I was then.  All because I can focus on my passion and cut the fluff.  Most of my weddings are now only booked online because they know me from my work.  Consistency is key and when you love what you do it shows!!!!


Go through your portfolio and pull out the images that are true to you.  The ones you are majorly proud of.  Keep those and trash all the rest.  That’s right.  If you don’t focus on what you are great at and what makes you happy, then you will stay the spinning tire in the muddy ditch.  Get focused and then get busy working on that focus.

Are you a fellow weekend warrior?  I would be honored to know you!  Comment here or be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and say hi!

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