The colors, the season, the photos – Things I would change about my wedding day.

Yesterday I asked previous brides to talk about their wedding day.  What they loved, what they would add, if they could change seasons, etc…  You can read all of their answers on my Instagram account.  And if you have something to add, please do!  Let’s keep the conversation rolling!  Today, I’m going to talk about my experience as a bride who has been married for almost 10 years now.

Wow.  It is crazy to write that Sean and I have been married that long.  There is a lot of history.   A lot of ups.  A lot of downs.  What is wild is that we still love each other.  We might not like each other very much sometimes, but lucky for us we are both stubborn.  I’ll talk more about the things people don’t tell you about marriage later, but right now it’s time for me to answer the questions from yesterday.

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1) Would you do a first look if you could go back and have a re-do?  Why or why not?

We did the first look.  Not by choice but because we got married in a Catholic church and the time of day we decided to get married wouldn’t allow us time for photos after the ceremony because they had to get ready for Mass.  At first I was kind of sad about it.  Then I read where the tradition came from and my sadness was gone.  Ha!!  Besides, Sean and I already lived together so it really made no sense and I wanted all of the photos I could get!


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2) What services would you have added to your wedding day if you had the chance?

Video then was not what it is today, so I wouldn’t want a video like that.   I would have spent more on a photographer, prettier cake, and my dress.  I also wish that my ceremony would have been prettier.  Eeek!!!  I hate that I’m writing that but it had green carpet and wood paneling walls.  I think that was the one thing I caved on and wish I hadn’t of.


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3) What was your favorite moment of the day?

Hands down the first look.  Sean would have NEVER shown his true emotions if I had waited to walk down the isle to see him the first time.  It was so intimate and the only time that I got to spend with him on our wedding day alone.  He cried and laughed and hugged me like he never wanted to let go.


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4) Would you get married in the fall, spring, summer, or winter?  Why?

We got married the last weekend before Lent started because in the Catholic church, you do not have weddings during Lent.  We didn’t want to wait.  Haha!!! If I had it to do again I would choose spring in May.  Flowers are out, it is warmer, and to me it symbolizes a fresh beginning.


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5)  Name 3 things you love most about the person you married.

I love Sean’s dedication to his family and to his work (most times hahaha!!).  I love his heart for his baby boys, his family, my family, and for others.  I love how he helps with house work, cooks the best fried chicken, and when lets loose and relaxes with me which is rare.

The above photos were all taken by the lovely Kayla F Photography a long time ago when we first moved in our house.  The walls are no longer Golden Girl pink, I know it isn’t Christmas (it’s only 19 weeks away!), and the yard is lush and a gorgeous green.  I also don’t show many photos of me with a cocktail, but it was Sunday Funday and the last picture captures Sean and me in real life.


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