My top three bouquet picks so far this year

Thinking about your wedding bouquet and are unsure of what flowers to put together or colors or even style? So far this year pink has been a favorite among Jenn Brown Brides and below I have three of my favorites of 2015 this far!

1) Roses, Iris’, and the greenery!  I love how this bouquet goes from a creamy white, to pink, to purple.  It is the perfect bouquet for you if you are having a hard time choosing between flowers or colors.  Our bride had a few bohemian touches to her wedding and her bouquet tied all of those elements together gorgeously!

Wedding Bouquet Ideas


2) Roses and Hydrangeas.  This bouquet, I’m not going to lie, was worth the weight.  It was heavy!!!  But it wasn’t overwhelming because the bride was smart about choosing blush colors to make it look soft and airy.  The front cascaded a small bit which gave this bride a regal look on her big day.  Everyone swooned over this bouquet all day long!

Wedding Bouquet Ideas


3) Roses and Hydrangeas part II.  Yes, we just showcased these pretty blooms earlier, BUT look at how the style of the bouquet and brighter pops of pink give this duo a different feel!!!  Our bride had a gorgeous church ceremony and the sanctuary had beautiful natural light.  Her choice of adding the pop of hot pink in her neutral colored bouquet let her play with color and kept them from blending in to the background.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas


Need help finding a florist for your wedding day?  Send me a quick email and I’ll give you the names of my favorite flower artists!  Happy wedding planning!

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