Taking the hassle out of ordering your images

There has been some discussion about the current ordering gallery and it was enough for me to revisit this part of my business.  The current process is that the gallery is ordered, the order comes to me, and then I manually order each image, review the order, and then have the order shipped to me before sending off to my clients.  This process takes forrreeeevvvvverrrrrr for me to get to (especially in crazy wedding season!!!) and then that much longer before clients receive their photos.  An even bigger downfall??  The orders all had to be a minimum of $75 plus shipping.  

In order to create a quicker work flow for myself and a better experience for my clients, I have decided to let go of being the middle man in handling these orders.  In doing so this means that the orders are sent directly to the lab where they will begin processing and shipping your images directly to you!!!!  This makes the minimum order is now $25 plus shipping!!!  Easy peasy!!

Want even more good news??  If you had a session with me in 2014 or I shot your 2013/2014 wedding, email me by July 31st and I will add your expired gallery back for 30 days for free so you can place your order!!!  Adding a gallery back after this date is $50 for each additional 30 days.

I hope this makes ordering your photos much easier and more fun!  Let’s get those images printed!!!



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