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Baby fever.  That’s what hits a momma who’s littlest has began walking and now counting to three.  It isn’t that this momma wants a new baby.  No, I just want to turn back time and hold my tiny baby.  Especially the oldest.  What I wouldn’t give to be able to go back and hug that little boy while he tries to hug me back but hugs my head instead.

While Jace is still in “tiny” stage, Wade is entering the stage where he is too grown to do “baby” things… unless he doesn’t feel well or he is in trouble.  You can see his age come out every once in a while when he gives me a crinkle nose smile or needs a hug.   And even though his head now reaches my shoulders and he is just a tad too smart for his own good, I have to remind myself that he is only 6 and still my baby boy.

Then I get to go and document the sweet, sweet moments of having a newborn in the house.  Those quiet and slow times where everything revolves around learning this new person who has entered your family.  Inevitably, tears sting this momma’s eyes every time because I remember those precious moments where the only place that makes a baby happy is laying on his momma’s chest or those 2 am feedings that you can barely open your eyes for, but wouldn’t trade for the whole world.  Time sweeps by and all these things seem like a life time ago and all that is left are images that will pull you right back to that moment.

I couldn’t resist sharing this image of Baby Ramsey’s Lifestyle Newborn Session.  I love this so much and know this will be an image they will cherish for many, many years to come!

Knoxville Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

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