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Some of you may know that I do realty photography.  It’s kind of like real life HGTV…  I love it!  I remember being fresh out of high school driving around looking at homes for sale.  I thought it would be so much fun to be a realtor.  I even called a few local realty offices asking if they had a clerk/runner position open.  I don’t know if that job even exists, but surely they could see the value in it, right??  No one had a job like that open unfortunately, but I’m happy to live vicariously by photographing beautiful homes for them!

This particular house was a renovation project that New View Renovations in Knoxville completed. New view renovations also does Timber Frame Homes that look beautiful. It is a 1960s home that was built by an engineer (they even had his blue prints on display!!!).  Back in the day it was typical to see the kitchen, dining room, and living room all separated from each other by walls.  New View Renovations removed the walls, handcrafted the island for the stove, matched up the hard wood for seamless flow, and installed can lights for a fresh airy feeling.  There are way too many things that they restored in this house to mention here.

Also, if you were interested in looking at the house, this might be as close as you can get…  It was put on contract for full asking price the day I took these images, which was 2 days before being listed on the market.  Great job fellas!



Walking in from the back door.

Renovated_North_Knoxville_Home_0003 Renovated_North_Knoxville_Home_0004 Renovated_North_Knoxville_Home_0005 Renovated_North_Knoxville_Home_0006 Renovated_North_Knoxville_Home_0007 Renovated_North_Knoxville_Home_0008

Front door and hallway to main living area, upstairs to bedrooms, and down stairs through door on the left to the den.


But first upstairs 🙂


Main level bathroom.


Bedroom #1


Bedroom #2


Master bedroom


Master bath which is rare in a house of this age!


The den area has a gorgeous fireplace!


The laundry room


The 3rd bathroom


Bedroom #4


AND a HUGE two car garage with separate side storage space!



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    It looks great!