Pruning my time

It has been almost 6 years since I began this journey.  Along the way I have made some long lasting friendships, worked my butt off learning and growing, hit a few bumps and fell in a few ditches, and have had some major high moments.  I have learned what I love to do vs what I cringe at when I see an email come through on a project that simply doesn’t speak to my heart.  Learning to say no to said projects helped make me feel more empowered to focus on the things I do love and grow at that.  As the saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none.”


That last part was hard, because at the beginning I wanted to be great at all things.  The fact is you can’t be great at everything if you are stretched over too many different techniques, styles, genres, etc…  I’ve learned to cut those loses and have also learned that I do not miss those things.  At.  All.

This last year has also taught me that I can’t do it all yet again.  I can’t go from weekend to weekend not knowing if I have a session, a wedding, or family time.  It isn’t fair to my family to take a last minute session the day before if we had planned to spend the following day together.  Jumping at those opportunities didn’t make me a hero in my client’s eyes, but only made me a ghost in my family’s eyes.  I knew that I need to add more boundaries that would create more focus.  With that focus comes dedication and that can only lead to better and better production.   The mom guilt vanishes because I have dedicated a little time to make a big impact and I’m not feeling guilty at a session anymore.  I’m feeling 100% there and on top of my game.

This means that from now on there will be posts and advertisements for the dates that I am available.  I want to be transparent with my offerings.  I want to be dedicated.  And I want to all in.  There will be many more mini sessions open up.  There will be intentional sessions – no more flying by the seat of our pants.  I want your session to mean more than just posing for a few pictures.  I want it to be a well thought moment.

The date that will be available in March is March 21st for Easter/Spring minis!  More information will be coming soon on those, but if you would like to be on the wait list, send me an email to  I’m excited for these and can’t wait to see some cute Easter outfits!

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