So yesterday you learned that the #1 way to make sure you are spending your wedding photography budget wisely is by taking advantage of your engagement session.  AND you’ve got killer everyday pictures with that handsome fella to boot!  Smart girl!!!

Today’s Tip is going to be about a little thing called a first look.  Now we all know where the tradition of the bride and groom waiting to see each other until the bride comes walking down the isle don’t we??  No?!!!!  Oh, honey…  it’s kind of tragic.  The tradition stems from cultures long ago where marriages were arranged and the bride and groom wouldn’t even MEET until the wedding ceremony.  This way the groom wouldn’t have a chance to back out if she wasn’t what he was expecting looks/personality wise, because ultimately the bride had NO say in the matter.  Doesn’t seem so romantic now, does it?  I’m not going to say you MUST do a first look, but let’s look at the benefits.

First Look

1)  You guys have known each other for months or even years and this is your big day.  Why not spend most of the time with each other and make MORE memories?!

2)  The first look lets you recreate the moment of him seeing you for the first time.  Bonus – you get to hug and talk and spend more time with each other instead of being cooped up in a tiny, hot, room worried and stressed that someone might see you instead of being relaxed and actually enjoying yourself.

3)  The time between your ceremony and reception when you would be taking pictures has decreased drastically meaning you get to go enjoy your guests sooner and they don’t have to wait an hour before you even get to the reception.

4)  You will have time to get WAY more photos of you and your groom than waiting after the ceremony.  On average, my brides receive about 70% more bride and groom photos when they do a first look.  That’s really making your photography dollars count!

Let’s see.. you’ve got your engagement session and you are choosing a first look to stretch your wedding photography dollars…  You are on your way to a terrific, less stressful, and budget savvy wedding day!

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