Top 3 Tips to be Budget Savvy with Your Wedding Photography :: Part I

It’s engagement season and the emails of freshly born brides-to-be have been coming in with questions and a sense of uneasiness of how this whole wedding photography thing works.  Of course until you are engaged you don’t realize the cost of your best friend’s wedding and then the stress begins to set in.  You might even turn to a magazine or two to look for questions that you feel you should be asking prospect photographers for your big day.  Just say no to the magazine question.  Put it down.  Walk away.  There.  Feel better?  I do!  I’m going to be completely honest when I say some of those questions are legit questions.  Asking what happens if your photographer gets sick or hit by a train is a GOOD question.  You should ask ALL of your vendors that.  Asking a photographer what brand of equipment they use is unnecessary.  If you’ve seen them work, like their portfolio, and you click (no pun intended), then you’ve found the photographer that you will want by your side ALL day long at your wedding.  One of the most important days of your life.

As a wedding photographer, I’m going to walk you through three ways that you can be budget savvy with your wedding photography and get everything you need.  Ready for Part I?!  Let’s do this!

The Engagement Session

Fall University of Tennessee, Knoxville Engagement Session

Do we really have to?!!!   In my opinion, yes.  If you don’t then you will never know how your photographer works.  What if you hate the way the photographer poses you, or their personality behind the camera?  Do you really want to be annoyed the whole time on your wedding day?  Nope.. didn’t think so.  Some photographers will let you purchase the engagement session, and then use that towards your collection if you decide to book them for the wedding.  On many of my collections, the engagement session is complimentary so you haven’t spent extra dollars.  Just smart ones.  If you decide that isn’t the photographer for your wedding day, then you have saved heartache of being bound to a contract and possible cancellation fees.  If you do, then you know you’ve found your true match!

The downside…  Photographers don’t hold dates without a contract and retainer.  We have bills to pay and kids to feed and it just isn’t possible to hold a possible date if you are not sure about whether you want to book or not.  SO with that being said, your wedding date might get booked if you wait too long to decide.  I will give the first bride that contacts me 24 hours to decide if she’s going to book and get a contract and retainer to me (we do it online so it is quick and simple!).  After that 24 hours, the date can then be booked by bride #2.

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