Now offering Mini Wedding Collections!

In the last couple of years, I’ve done a handful of weddings that really and truly didn’t need the whole shebang.  I could completely relate to their reasoning.  Some were shoestring budgets, but wanted a photographer they LOVED!  Some were marrying for the 2nd time and wanted great photos but were not going crazy with an all day event.  Some were even eloping or having a pop up wedding (which is so much fun and ridiculously romantic!).  I created the Mini Wedding Collection price menu just for them.

Affordable Knoxville Wedding Photographer

For a few years, I put off advertising these because I wanted every bride to have a full day documented.  At the beginning of this year as I was goal setting for 2015, I began breaking down the parts that I loved about photographing a wedding.  It came down to 3 things:: The bridal portraits, bride and groom formals, and the wedding ceremony.  I do not need 6+ hours to photograph those 3 things, and many times I only get a total of an hour to do so!  Of course I love family portraits and bridal party photos but I also know I can complete those in this time frame, as well!  These collections help us to intentionally plan your photography, not feel rushed, and still get you those most important moments of your wedding day.

Not only that, but I know what it is like to plan a budget wedding and feel completely overwhelmed with the mounting dollar amounts of every contract signed and deposit paid.  These mini collections help my brides and they help me (I get to snuggle my babies much sooner!)!!  If you are planning a mini wedding and would like more information about the Mini Collections, feel free to contact me above or email me at

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