How are you?

No, really.  I want to know how you are.  How is your heart?  Is it just beating slowly or is it pounding away with joy and excitement?  Is it hurting or is it full of love?

Mommy Monday

How has your goal planning for 2015 going?  I know.. We are almost in February.  I was done with that after the first week of this year!  I hear you loud and clear, but I have to tell you something that will completely upset what you have written.  You see.  I made MY list of goals as well.  I wrote down one by one what I wanted to accomplish for 2015.  Then I put it away and started to work on a few of those items.  You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time, right??  Turns out I was trying to eat the wrong elephant.

You see this year I decided to let someone else decide which of those goals I would accomplish.  I decided to hand everything over to God and let Him decide which was more important.  THEN impatiently (after only two weeks hahahaha!!) I started to get upset that all of the goals I had set were not seeing any progress.  Where are my extra January bookings?!  What can’t Sean and I find time to spend together instead of always working?

Two totally contradicting statements if you look close enough.  I wrote down I want to be busier and I want to slow down so I can spend time with my husband.  One was answered, but I was expecting the other to be answered in which later I would probably complain about not having any time with Sean.  Vicious cycle I set myself up for!  But I didn’t see it as answered until yesterday.  I didn’t see the door that was being opened before me because I was staring intently at the other door.  You can only enter one door in a hallway at a time.

Then I was God-smacked.  (Yes, I totally realize that is a 90s term, but I’ve been listening to a TON of 90s Christian music lately.  Don’t judge.)  I began my day yesterday with coffee and my devotional trying to center my mind on what I needed to accomplish before having a few gorgeous ladies over at my house for dinner, conversation, and a reality check on goal making and how to balance life.  I was about to tell them all of the things that I do that keeps me sane while burning the candle at both ends and in the middle (Thank you, Lara Casey, for that line!  It describes me perfectly!!!).  I was about to tell them the wrong way to do it.  I had prayed and wrote in my journal that I wanted God to speak through me and give me peace about what I was saying.  Then I opened up my Jesus Calling to January 19th.  If you haven’t read it, go now and do so.

Why do we make goals??  Because we are looking for something.  We are looking for success.  We are looking for happiness and maybe if we reach that goal we will finally be happy.  I’ve done it time and time again and once I get there I’ve already got another goal that I want to get to.  It’s never good enough.  It never fills my heart and make me content.  The goals I make are temporary joy and then I have to find something else to work my tail-end off because then that will FINALLY make me happy.  The struggle is real folks.

The first sentence of the second paragraph answered my prayer.

I am the goal of all your searching.

My goals are temporary.  My goals are short term.  He is my long term goal and the only one I should be pursuing as hard as I had been trying to pursue the ones I created for myself.

I’ll go ahead and ask again. How are you?

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