Oh My, BRRRRrrrrrrr…….

Wow did it get cold outside in a hurry!  I’m not one to be a crazy winter snow advisory predictor but…  if it was just raining.  Brrr!!!!

There are two things I want when it is rainy and cold – 1) To be snuggled up on the couch with a comfy, cozy blanket, and 2) Hot and sour soup.  Lots of hot and sour soup.  Don’t ask why but it’s my cold rainy go to comfort food.  I may not get to snuggle on the couch today, but I can almost guarantee that I will have some yummy h&s soup at lunch…  and maybe for supper…  maybe.  🙂

BUT until then.  Here is a quick sweet peek of Caitlin and Will’s University of Tennessee Engagement Session!  How adorable are these two?!!  I cannot wait for their blog feature!!!

University of Tennessee Engagement Session


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