Kristen and Adam’s Norris Lake Engagement Session

One of the things I love very most about being a wedding photographer isn’t about all of the little details of the wedding decor.  Those are really cute and make for gorgeous detail pictures, but what I love about my job is the establishment of marriage.  It is the bride and groom who aren’t bothered by the stresses a wedding day can cause because they are looking forward to one thing – spending the rest of their life with the person that makes them the happiest, the person they fell deeply in love with, the person who will front porch sit with them talking about their dreams and desires.  Things like rain, someone running behind, flowers not being just right, those things fall away.  Instead the excitement, anticipation, and smiles are affixed to their faces and they cannot wait to see their spouse to be.  That is what I love most about my job.  Each wedding is a reminder to me of love, commitment, and a journey that won’t be faced alone, but with the one that my heart was made for.

Kristen and Adam are that special kind of couple.  During our engagement session I asked if they were ready for their wedding.  Both immediately and enthusiastically said, “We can’t wait to be married!”  That my friends is the perfect JBP couple.  My heart filled up with so much joy for them, and I know that they are going to have a lifetime of love because they have each other.

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